The Serengeti Kings’ Summary And Characteristics

NetEnt arrives with a new slot in the Serengeti plains. “Return” is not just an instrument of literature. NetEnt built a game that is as fun to play as you will watch after a few mediocre slots. สล๊อต Although the screenshots cannot be so particular, the audio effects play a significant part. The African wilderness is not new to the gaming world; fields with bodies of old slots fill like wildlife. 711kelab Any maker who speaks about the topic should be mysterious and distinctive.

A summary

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Serengeti Kings takes a light-hearted approach. This is Africa where there are no glitches, as Walt Disney believed. They’re way over too playful where the fatal beasts aren’t fatal. The scene that makes the game attractive initially is good. It’s good context. It is music, however, that takes you into this world.

It has the soulful singing of the congregation and in black churches is so vibrant and thrilling. The Lion King would be Serengeti Kings if the Lion’s slacker sister were more interested to survive than to rule. Sometimes remarkable – with the last UI and a few new game mechanics.

Time to get involved

The operation is performed in a grid of 5 wheels, 4 rows, 26 paylines. We must accept certain odd numbers that are originally a little wrong (we always prefer 1024-win ways when going for 4 rows). The bets start at 10 p/c/d and are as high as £/€100. Symbols also come with a well-balanced combination. Nine royals with a variety of animal skins have a low charge. All wild symbols are proper pay symbols, such as mere, zebra, giraffe, hyena, lions, etc. The latter two, the queens of the Serengeti, are the most valuable five-fold stake for five. Wild icons are 50 times higher.

Volatility is set low to large and compliments an insightful mathematical model. Testing nice low value wins more efficient returns. He is not a significant donor, but his features are a worthwhile payment. Three choices to change RTP from 96.2 percent to 96.7 percent are offered for our feature purchase, depending on what preference you choose.


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Lions and panthers are kings and they are important to the characteristics of the game (black panthers are otherwise most widely associated with the Americas, but whatever). The match starts in Lion Spins mode and progressively becomes the dark Panther Spins in the course of the day. Any lion or panther is collected in two counters that border bobbles, and both modes have twelve spins.

On the 12th Lion Spin, the game will not accumulate lion symbols. The attribute Lion is triggered and the symbols obtained by the Lion are sprayed randomly on the rolls

12th symbol of the Panther Spin. This build winning combinations and has another component. When a Panther is a Lion emblem, it is a wild symbol. At the end of the species add +1 to a multiplier. The Multiplier adds +1 when a cat lands in the wild. For each bet line the multiplier starts at x1.